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Filename CraftTweaker2-1.12-4.1.6.jar
Uploaded by Jaredlll08
Uploaded Mar 11, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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Java 8


# Changes since the last release:

## Crafttweaker:

### Additions/Changes:
- IIngredients now have a `commandString` getter
- ICraftingRecipes now have more getters like output, shaped, hidden, ingredients2d etc.
- Added #ikwid preprocessor which will disable ingame error notifications for all files.
- JEI Fluid hiding.
- Modloaded Preprocessor now also allows for negations using !modid

### Fixes:
- ICraftingRecipes should now be printed properly. (Also affects /ct recipes)
- Fixed Class Cast Issues with the new Recipe System.
- Fixed Server-Client desnych in recipe namesdue to how the names were calculated.

## ZenScript:
- Adding to maps (especially within loops) should work properly now.
- Fixed Backslash Escaping
- Fixed Crash on linux due to incorrect path names
- Fixed String Contains method
- Fixed Function casting -> Now eventhandlers should work again.