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This mod adds a single block to the game: the Crafting Automat. The block can craft any recipe (including one from mods) when it receives redstone power, following the same rules as vanilla droppers and pistons.

The Crafting Automat was designed to automate crafting recipes, whilst minimally affecting the vanilla experience. I've kept the GUI plain and simple and tried as much as possible to melt its features with existing gameplay features. See the Details section below for more info.

You can create the Crafting Automat with the following configuration;


The Crafting Automat requires a single redstone pulse to do its job, and it operates much like a Dropper.

If there is a valid recipe in the matrix, it will perform one crafting operation and spit out the result. When the front face is connected to a container (including entities such as carts), it will put them there instead.

The Crafting Automat has an internal storage of 9 slots. Items can be moved between inventories, and hoppers or other transferring blocks (e.g. pipes) can access it as well.

If the storage contains an equivalent list of ingredients as is specified by the recipe, the block will eat them from there instead. This means the Crafting Automat accepts valid replacements of certain items, so long as the internal storage contains them. This also means left-over items, such as Buckets in the Cake recipe, will be swapped with the storage as well.

The following example illustrates this;

The block supports comparator output corresponding to the amount of recipes that can be crafted, counting only the items in the storage slots. Every unit increase in redstone power corresponds to double the number of recipes. To clarify;

1 recipe - 1 RP

2 recipes - 2 RP

4 recipes - 3 RP

8 recipes - 4 RP


A single crafting operation takes 24 game ticks, including 16 ticks cooldown time. A Crafting Automat hooked up to 3 hoppers with a recipe taking up the entire 9 matrix slots will operate synchronously, since every hopper takes exactly 8 game ticks to transfer a single item.


Happy crafting!

Extra Information

Crafting Automat is licensed under the GPL2.

Feel free to use it in your modpack, you don't need to ask me.

The source is available here.

If you find any bugs, please report them in the comments or the Issue Tracker. :)


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