Chocolate Quest Repoured

1,440,366 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 26, 2022 Game Version: 1.12.2   +2

Chat on the wall

CQR entities will sometimes talk to eachother if they're not attacking the player. Must get boring, guarding that wall all the time.

Sky Pirates

Man, it must have taken some fancy flying to navigate past that slime island from Tinker's Construct and not this mod. Those guys must know something we don't. Maybe that's why they're attacking that Ocean Monument?

Randomized Castle

Some castles are pre-built by our team, this is not one of them. These ones are completely random every time, but look rad as heck all the time.

Another Randomized Castle

Why stop at one screenshot when the things look this nice?


Squid men talking. They're so majestic.


Who built this wall, and what were they hoping to keep out?

A Vegetated Cave

Who can afford to sit here talking about this? I want to explore!

Cross-section of a Stronghold

Tons of randomized rooms, won't look like this normally. Occasionally, you'll find a rest room with a healing potion or two, like in the center of this image.

Turtle! Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Dude, that's a tortoise.

An Enderman Merchant Near A Castle



These statues have been here much longer than you have. What could they mean?

Another picture of that same cave

Look, I think it's pretty, okay?

A few species of mob, just chillin'

A Golem, an Orc, and a Mandrill, specifically.

Add your own dungeons!

You can export a structure, fill it with loot and monsters, make it spawn in your world, and even share it with others!

Castle in the sky

I could've made this screenshot look better by waiting for more chunks to load, but I was bored. That's the level of commitment and energy you can expect from my work on this mod.