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CPS Display [1.8.9 - 1.12.2] & 1.20.x

1.20+ are in delevopment (alpha) there is only custom text, text color & scaling available

CPS Display/CPS Mod is a forge mod for displaying your Clicks Per Seconds.


I am making this mod in my free time, so if you want to help me, pay me a drink.

What you NEED to know

To configurate the mod hit P key (can be changed) or execute /cpsdisplay

Settings image

The mod offers a high level of customization and is automatically updated

Update manager settings

The mod features a built-in color selector for easy choice of the ideal color in the style of minecraft, but you can use resource packs for change its appearence.

Color picker image

More about all the settings


To move the text you simply need to hold click on the text and drag our mouse where you want.

Text In Settings

The GUI background is cut out around the text, so you can see what the text will look like during play.

Text shadow

You can enable or disable it

Text scale

From 10% to 400%

Text color

Click on the button to open the color selector and select the color you want (no opacity available, minecraft limitation).

Text mode

There are 4 different modes:

  • Left
  • Right
  • Left & Right
  • Custom

The first 3 modes have a default text, but can be redefined in the mod's lang files using resource packs.

Custom text

You have 999 characters available. {0} will be replaced by left clicks, {1} by right clicks.

You can use minecraft formatting (instead of § use &) and do things like this

Custom Text Example


I usually call this the "epileptic mode" - the text color changes over time. Custom color is therefore not available, but you can use minecraft formatting as a workaround.

Background color

Same as text color, but this time alpha channel is available.

Background margin

How big is the background. Min: 0; Max: 99

And that's it

There is nothing more, but if you want more, you have 2 solutions:

  • Join the discord server and create a new post about the idea you have in the suggestion channel
  • If you have programming skills, feel free to fork the github project to add what you want and create a pull request for everyone to enjoy