Cosmetic Armor Slots

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This mod is not currently being updated.

The mod is open source. Feel free to copy it as your own.


This mod uses Fabric.

There is a similar Forge mod made by someone else called Cosmetic Armor Reworked.


Do you hate hiding your skin under ugly iron armor?

Do you wish you could actually use dyed leather?

Do you hate how after a couple weeks, everyone looks blue and shiny all the time?

With Cosmetic Armor Slots, you no longer have to prioritize protection over fashion.



This mod adds THREE amazing features:

- 4 new cosmetic armor slots to hide your plain armor

- Buttons to hide your normal armor for when you just want to show skin

- Multiplayer support that might actually work now



How to open cosmetic armor slots inventory

What the Cosmetic Armor Slots screen looks like



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Other details

This mod is required on both client and server.

Feel free to add this to any modpack, but I'd appreciate if you let me know when you do.



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