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 Copper is cool but very useless. You can't even make armor or tools out of it. Well, I fixed that!
Copper Equipment is a mod that will add armor, tools, nuggets, plates, pressure plates, horse armor and other uses for copper!


Mod required Fabrci API and Cloth Config API!

This is the Fabric version. Forge version can be found here!


Items from the mod are crafted from compressed copper:




Loot in dungeons

Desert pyramid
You can find 1 to 3 copper horse armor in chests with a 27% chance.

With a 43% chance - from 1 to 2 copper horse armor.
With a 24% chance - from 1 to 7 copper ingots.
With a 10% chance - 1 raw copper ore block.
With a 7% chance - 1 copper pickaxe.

With a 37% chance - 1 copper horse armor.

Jungle temple
With a 68% chance - 1 copper horse armor.

In the treasury with a 9% chance - from 2 to 9 copper blocks.
In other chests with a 9% chance - from 1 to 8 copper ingots.
With a 2% chance - 1 copper block.

End city
With a 9% chance - from 2 to 9 compressed copper.
With a 11% chance - from 1 to 2 copper blocks.
With a 12% chance - from 1 to 2 copper horse armor.
With a 2% chance - any copper tool / armor with a random enchantment.



Many thanks to

lechiny - for the Chinese (zh_cn) translation

togilterikus - for the Turkish (tr_tr) translation

kwpugh and Easy Emerald Tools mod for shears mixin code

Kaupenjoe for helping to add loot to dungeons

Anyone who offers their ideas on GitHub or CurseForge comments

Anyone who creates Pull requests on GitHub

Anyone who added the mod to their modpacks and videos


And of course all of you for downloading and playing with my mod!



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