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This tiny little mod adds a tiny little bit of realism by applying negative effects to players eating raw food.


Mojang had a similar idea briefly but then it somehow turned into a pale joke - raw chicken inflicts a bit of hunger, raw pork for some reason gives you nothing. Well not anymore. With this mod, 60 seconds of slowness will remind people to cook that rabbit next time. That's not going to kill anyone but will make eating raw food not worth it. On the other hand, eating zombie flesh is a really bad idea and will probably make your situation much worse (unless you get really lucky and resist effects).


This mod divides food into four groups:
1) fine to eat - self explanatory.
2) mild effects - representative: raw potato - Vegetables that should be cooked/baked and other stuff that shouldn't be eaten raw but aren't as bad as below categories. Expect nuisance effects like damage reduction (weakness). There's a good chance you'd resist effects completely.
3) medium effects - representative: raw meat - This is a default category and will automatically catch all raw food items that are not put into other three categories manually. Expect effects like movement slowdown, mining slowdown, and rarely an actual poison effect.
4) severe effects - representative: rotten flesh - Things that even starving people shouldn't touch. Expect effects like poison, blindness, nausea...


Effect you get is chosen randomly from predefined sets, and the chosen set is remembered for several minutes, so eating the same thing will not apply a new set of effects; instead durations of original effects will get increased. Don't worry about technicalities, just grill that porkchop.



note for modpack makers and fellow modders


In version 1.00, fellow modders needed to use InterModComms to change the food category of food items and modpack makers had no option.

As of 1.10, both groups can and should use item tags.

As of 1.12 (minecraft 1.21), InterModComms functionality was deleted. Datapack makers and fellow modders need to use items tags now.


Example: you add Food1 and Food2, both edible with Food1 cookable into Food2 (at campfire and similar blocks).

The Food1 item will automatically fall into "medium effects" category. If you're okay with that, you don't need to do anything.

To move your new item into other categories, use tags (json files). If Food1 is ok to eat raw, add it to ok_to_eat_raw.json under cookyourfood namespace. there are also raw_food_severe.jsonraw_food_light.json and raw_food_normal.json.



You rarely want to add anything to "normal category". the mod will auto-detect cookable and edible items and put all of those into that category. one example where you'd use that one is tropical fish - edible but not cookable.


Categories are evaluated in order listed above. so if mod 1 puts something into "normal" and mod 2 puts that same food into "severe" category, we will apply severe effects. Order of mods loading doesn't matter.


note for modpack makers


 As of 1.10, by popular request, effects are no longer hard-coded. There is a json file in config directory where you can edit what effects can hit raw food aficionados.