Console Experience is discontinued as of 2023-05-05.

Almost all features remain available across various mods from different authors: Held Item Tooltips, Paper Doll, Stylish Effects, Raised, Panorama Screens, Not Enough Animations, Bedrockify

📖 About:

Console Experience adds some mostly interface related features to your game that are heavily inspired by Legacy Console Edition.

📚 Contents:

Held Item Tooltips displayed above the hotbar are enhanced by a lot of useful information including: enchantments for an enchanted item, effects and duration for potions, contents of a shulker box, duration and effects for firework rockets, durability of a tool or weapon, and much more.

A Paper Doll is shown while the player is performing certain actions such as: sprinting, swimming, crouching, crawling, flying, and gliding. Many more actions are available.

The Hovering Hotbar is shifted a few pixels upwards from the screen bottom making it seemingly float in place.

An Animated Chest Icon is shown every time the current world is saved. This happens every 45 seconds while in-game and whenever the pause menu is opened. Due to technical limitations this feature is restricted to singleplayer and local multiplayer.

A Position Display for always showing your current position without the need of opening the debug screen is added, just like Bedrock Edition. This feature is disabled by default.

The Player Model is enhanced by a few neat animations such as an eating animation in third-person view, a superman pose when crouching and gliding at the same time, a bobbing animation for holding items in first-person view, and an extra smooth animation for slowly sinking into bed.

Fancy Menues replace some of the boring dirt background with the immersive main menu panorama, some bold fonts, and very useful tips for your every-day gameplay.

Additionally there are also plenty of small tweaks included: tilting the whole view while gliding, close button in many containers, hiding all hud elements when any gui is open, a timer displayed together with the in-game potion hud, and a custom tint for item tooltips. Some tweaks are disabled by default.

Weapons and tools show enchantments and durability    Potions show their effect and duration
Shulker boxes display some of their contents    Firework rockets show their duration and effects
Most inventories have a button for closing    Eating is animated in third-person view
Superman pose when crouching and gliding    The in-game potions hud receives a timer
Loading screens gain some bold fonts, a bar, and useful tips     

💡 FAQ:

Q: How do I configure this mod?
A: Install my Config Menus for Forge mod and do it directly in-game!

Q: Can you add the old console crafting interface?
A: No, since it's built for controller input which is not available in Java Edition. If you're using one of those mods that add controller support, you're still better off making this suggestion to their developers.

Q: Will Console Experience ever add anything beyond purely visual content?
A: No, as it is meant to be a client-only mod.

Q: Can I customize held item tooltips and loading screen tips?
A: Yes, via separate JSON-based configs. They can be reloaded in-game by running /consoleexperience reload.

🏆 Credits:

Developing Console Experience was helped and inspired by: