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0.4 Showcase

a screen showcasing a lot of the 0.4 blocks

0.4 Lineup

A full look a all of the blocks added or changed in 0.4

Sample Structures

Some small sample structures made using the Consistency+ Blocks

Some Patterns I built in a test world

It is easy to combine blocks to create repeating patterns, or to make more intricate designs using a larger palette

Stone Monument

A build I made using some of the C+ Stone blocks

Obsidian Blocks

Consistency+ adds a plethora of new blocks to the table, including decorative obsidian blocks, with crying obsidian variants.

End Blocks

End stone and Purpur are given a lot of love by Consistency+ too. Spice up your end builds with tons of new blocks.

Some Prismarine Blocks

Take your ocean builds to the next level with a bunch of new prismarine blocks!


Make your desert builds stand out with new sandstone blocks, including Soul Sandstone!

Some of the new Quartz Blocks

There's many new quartz blocks to mess around with.

Common Stones

All common stones, such as the -ite blocks and the new 1.17 ones are supported.


More deepslate building blocks are included too


Now you're thinking with Portals


0.4 is one of the most colorful updates yet!