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Lightweight mod which solves several connection problems like Login-Timeouts, DecoderException, Packet size limits, Ghostblock issues, Payload too large and more. It also offers commands to analyze network traffic and a bunch of debugging utilities, advanced error logging, packet logging etc.
Requires Cupboard dependency to be installed in newer versions

  • Login timeout
  • Play timeout
  • Detailed Network statistics
  • Fix packet size exceptions during login/play
  • Log data of too large packet to show sources
  • Log warnings about too large data beeing sent

The mod is not required on both sides, but offers useful functionality for both sides.

Randompatches (in)compatibility:

Set this in the randompatches.toml config file so random patches does not crash when started alongside connectivity:
mixin_blacklist = ["ServerPlayNetHandlerKeepAlive"]
Connectivity has some overlap with randompatches and happens to apply first, which makes random patches crash.

Timeoutout mod is incompatible/not needed alongside this

If you enjoy this mod consider supporting the development, any support is greatly appreciated.

The development is an unpaid free-time activity, so any support helps being able to spend more time on it.
You can support me on Patreon or just spreading the word around.


Network stats:
Client: show outgoing traffic:  /connectivity packetsClient

Messages sent by the client

Server: Traffic of all players:  /connectivity packetsAllPlayers
Player traffic list

 /connectivity packetsPlayer Dev

Server: Total traffic:  /connectivity packetsSummary

Packet overview over all packets sent in total