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Connected Glass adds new types of glass with connecting textures! This includes regular, clear, tinted, and the old glass textures!




Connecting Glass

- The regular glass textures, but touching blocks connect!

Textures for the Connecting Glass

Clear Glass

- Clear versions of the regular glass textures!

Textures for the Clear Glass

Scratched Glass

- The old programmer art glass textures!

Textures for the Scratched Glass

Tinted Glass

- Connecting and colored versions of the tinted glass textures!

- Tinted glass prevents light from passing through!

Textures for the Tinted Glass



Why does Connected Glass not work with Sodium?

Sodium ignore the Fabric rendering API. To solve this install Indium.

What if I also want the vanilla textures?

Connected Glass doesn't replace the vanilla glass blocks, but instead adds extra ones

Are there panes as well?

Yes, there are also panes for every new glass type

Are there colored versions of the new glass types?

Yes, for every glass type there are also all the colored versions

Can I use your mod in my modpack?

Yes, feel free to use my mod in your modpack


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Legal Stuff

Connected Glass is the property of SuperMartijn642 and is protected under copyright law and may not be altered or reuploaded without direct permission from SuperMartijn642.