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This small mod allows you to change the "invincibility frames" between damage events on a target.


Every time something in Minecraft takes damage, it becomes immune to any further damage for 20 server ticks - or about one second. This is an old relic left over from the days of spamming mouse 1 to do maximum damage with a sword, and to an extent is no longer needed. To an extent! There are cases where it still matters - but you can modify those here too!


This mod allows you to specify the duration of invincibility for a number of different damage types. There's two settings for each; one for players, and one for all other mobs.


This doesn't change the amount of damage done, just how frequently it can be done.


The damage sources you can change are:

- Player damage

- Mob damage

- Warden projectile

- Wither damage ticks

- Magic damage ticks (e.g. poison effect)

- Standing in fire

- Standing in lava

- Standing on cacti

- Impacting the world (falling, smashing into the wall with an elytra etc)

- Projectiles (arrows etc)

And more! You can also add custom sources that may be added by other mods - and there's a config option to help you find what they're called.


The default config changes nothing - you will need to implement settings that you want. I strongly encourage you to experiment - sure, you can set standing in fire to have no invincibility frames, but it means you'll die in about a second when you walk in fire! Reducing the delay for mob damage means when you're swarmed, all those mobs can hit you instead of just one. Perfect for hard mode packs!