Concrete Mod

887,604 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 18, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

The Concrete Mod is a mod that adds more concrete based blocks. It adds :


 - Concrete slabs

 - Concrete stairs

 - Concrete fences

 - Concrete fence gates


And it also adds new concrete types: magma concrete, glowstone concrete and redstone concrete. Magma concrete solidifies with lava and not water, and redstone concrete doesn't come in fence/fence gate form (to avoid some weird behavior).

By default, redstone concrete blocks output a "scaled" redstone power (because the redstone concrete powder requires 8 redstone powders instead of 9, and slabs/stairs are not full blocks). This can be disabled in the config (set fullRedstonePower to true).

Also, each concrete type has its own creative tab, and the vanilla concrete/concrete powder blocks are placed in the "vanilla" tab (instead of the "Decoration tab"). Can also be disabled in the config (set vanillaInTab to false)


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