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Filename CompatSkills-1.12.2-1.5.0.jar
Uploaded by lanse505
Uploaded May 11, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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MD5 d29943e016fe7b69eb432699179e1d40
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  • Added zh_cn.lang
    • Thanks go out to SihenZhang on Github for the PR
    • Some changes have been done internally for the localization strings.
      • We will reach out to him about these changes!
  • Added Dimension Support:
    • DimensionChangedEvent
      • You can now lock the ability to travel to certain dimensions!
    • Dimension Requirement
      • Standard and Inverted requirements have been added
        • dim|integer
        • !dim|integer
      • The Normal Dimension requirement requires you to be IN the specified dimension.
      • The Inverted Dimension requirement requires you to be in ANY dimension OTHER than the specified dimension.
  • Added Entity Support
    • AnimalTameEvent
      • You can now lock the ability to Tame specified Entities
    • EntityMountEvent
      • You can now lock the ability to Mount specified Entities
  • Added ProjectE Support
    • You can now lock Items based on EMC
      • It checks "fuzzily" which means it checks the cost or higher in this case.
  • Added Tinker's Construct Support!
    • PSA:
      • Older Versions of Tinker's Construct (Older than 2.10.0.XX, Last tested Build that didn't work:
        • (In Regards to Tool Crafting) 
        • Doesn't update the GUI properly upon initial opening and closing of the GUI.
        • This means that the Event will be properly canceled and thus not output a crafted item.
        • However, it will also not update the GUI and thus not display the Error Text.
        • This is resolved simply by interacting with the GUI like pulling out and adding back a tool part.
    • You can now Lock Materials
      • This disables the following features unless the requirements are met for the material:
        • Part Replacement 
        • Part Crafting
        • Tool Crafting
    • You can now lock Modifiers:
      • This disables the following features unless the requirements are met for the Modifier:
        • Part Crafting (Applies if the Material has the specified Modifier/Trait)
        • Tool Modification
    • You can now Lock Crafting of Specific Tools
      • This is done by just applying a simple ItemStack Lock to the base tool item.
  • Added a few Setters/Getters/Methods for Custom Skills/Traits
    • Skills:
      • setLevelCap/getLevelCap
      • setEnabled/getEnabled
      • setSkillPointInterval
      • setBaseLevelCost/getBaseLevelCost
      • getName
    • Traits:
      • setEnabled/getEnabled
      • getName
      • getDescription
  • Implemented a fix for Custom Skills/Traits
    • Disclaimer:
      • This only works for Custom Skills/Traits (Duh..)
    • TLDR:
      • This makes it so if you update some of the information in the ZenScript the Skill/Trait will now properly update.
    • Long Story
      • Previously when we tried to edit information post-fact we were essentially passing a new Skill object to our Skill Registry.
      • This got denied since there was already an existing Skill Object with the resource-location string.
      • Now if an object already exists, we reference the object, change the appropriate information and return it to the registry as a new object.
  • Implemented a fix in both Reskillable and CompatSkills
    • This fix locks not working on Server-Side properly (Whoops....)
  • One of the Blood Magic Ritual-Locks have been changed:
    • ,The Ritual Cost-lock have been changed to now lock Rituals with a:
      • >= instead of a = check.
      • This means that it will now lock anything that has the specified amount of higher!
      • Instead of just the specified cost.

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