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Filename CompatSkills-1.12.2-1.4.0.jar
Uploaded by lanse505
Uploaded May 1, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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MD5 90185f3c6ec684cb4d1844e76b27b4b6
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions
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Java 8


  • Added Inverted Requirements
    • Inverted Advancement
      • Syntax:
        • !adv|
        • Is unlocked if you do not have the specified Advancement
    • Inverted GameStage
      • Syntax
        • !stage|
        • Is unlocked if you do not have the specified Stage
    • Inverted Skill
      • Syntax
        • !skill|
        • Is unlocked if you do not have the specified Skill-level or Higher
    • Inverted Trait
      • Syntax
        • !trait|
        • Is unlocked if you do not have the specified Trait unlocked
  • Added new NBT-Locking Capabilities
    • You can now lock individual NBT-tags OR individual NBT-tags on a per mod basis!
      • Syntax
        • mods.compatskills.NBTLock.addGenericNBTLock({ench:[{id: 33 as short}]}, "reskillable:magic|10");
        • mods.compatskills.NBTLock.addModNBTLock("minecraft", {ench:[{id: 34 as short}]}, "reskillable:gathering|6");
  • Moved all GameStage Support over to the GameStages 2.0.0 API
  • Added GameStage Locking
    • Syntax
      • mods.compatskills.GameStageLocks.addGameStageLock(String gamestage, String... defaultRequirements);
      • mods.compatskills.GameStageLocks.addGameStageLock("age1", "reskillable:building|15", "reskillable:magic|7", "adv|minecraft:husbandry/plant_seed", "stage|test");
    • This works similarly to my other Locks
      • In this case once a GameStage is unlocked, it runs through 2 Event Stages.
        • Add and Added.
        • With this support once the GameStage enters "Add" it'll check if that game stage has a "lock" attached to it.
        • If it does and the requirements for the lock aren't met, it'll cancel the event and send an error status message to the player.
  • Reworked Blood Magic Support
    • Rituals no longer takes a Failure Message String
      • Instead this Failure Message now uses a Localizable String
    • Added 2 new kinds of Ritual Locks to make 3 total:
      • New Syntaxes:
        • mods.compatskills.RitualHandler.addRitualLock(String ritual, String... requirements);
        • mods.compatskills.RitualHandler.addRitualCostLock(int activationCost, String... requirements);
        • mods.compatskills.RitualHandler.addRitualCrystalLock(int crystalLevel, String... requirements);
    • The Binding Lock has been removed and now has instead been added as a property of normal item-locking!
      • Test Example:
        • // Does All Blood Orbs
          • mods.compatskills.Requirement.addRequirement(<bloodmagic:blood_orb>, "reskillable:magic|5");
        • Does The Weak Blood Orb
          • mods.compatskills.Requirement.addRequirement(<bloodmagic:blood_orb>.withTag({orb: "bloodmagic:weak"}), "reskillable:magic|5"); 
  • Finished Implementing the Skill Level-Lock MechanicPlease do note that mods that call the "levelUp();" method directly will bypass the lock!
    • Updated most if not all methods to now use the new internal methods for Requirements and Locking
  • Reworked the following Supports to load later:
    • Blood Magic 
      • Binding Support
      • Ritual Support
    • Immersive Engineering
      • Multiblock Support
    • Magneticraft
      • Multiblock Support

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