Compact Machines

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Filename compactmachines-1.7.10-1.19b.jar
Uploaded by davenonymous
Uploaded May 23, 2015
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 293.65 KB
Downloads 17,600
MD5 3131e133738417ba2bedcd477286fe20
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


  • 1.19 crashed when placing CMs in some biomes. Sorry! Either update to this 1.19b hotfix release or disable biome adaptation in the config.
  • Aligned to forge fluid changes.
  • CMs now have the same biome as the spot you've placed them at.
    This can be disabled and the default biome configured in the config.
  • Falling into the void in the CM dimension teleports you back to the overworld.
  • Fixed a crash bugs when climbing ladders while holding a PSD.
  • Some translation updates.
  • More configuration options and improvements
    • Mod integration can be disabled via the config. Items, Fluids and Flux will always be enabled though.
    • Storage capacities. This allows server admins to configure the maximum capacity of the four currently implemented buffered storages (rf, fluid, gas, mana).
    • Configuration data is synced to the client, incl. the dimension id.
    • Forge config gui support.
  • Aligned to some mod updates
    • OpenComputers 5.2.3
    • Mekanism
  • Inner wall and interface blocks are only visible from inside compact machines.
    This currently only affects creative OPs.
  • Support for Botania mana. This is disabled by default.
  • Allow sleeping in CMs. This is disabled by default.
    Note: You will currently only respawn inside the CM dimension if you die in the CM dimension.

Thanks to everyone translating, reporting bugs and testing the latest pushes. Much appreciated!