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What is Combatica?

Combatica is many things.  A Vancian-style magic mod is the main purpose of creation.  There will be an emphasis on traditional combat as well as magic with an array of new weapons being added such as longswords, sabers, and more.  In addition to these weapons, a variety of armor has been added to permanently change the way you gear yourself.  All of these things add multiple layers of progression to the game which would otherwise not be there.

Requires Combatica API to function!


Getting Started with Combatica


Planned Features:

  • Level up system
  • Spell preparation
  • Spell customization
  • Allocation of skills
  • Weapon abilities
  • Advantage/Disadvantage combat
  • Weapon damage types
  • Armor resistance/vulnerability types
  • Dyeable pieces of armor
  • Ability to select symbols and apply them to armor
  • Tailoring mechanics
  • Assortment of clothing
  • Horse armor


 Currently Known Issues:

  • Rendering issues with models that have players attached
  • Plate armor, scale armor, and cuirass have rendering issues
  • Right-clicking the top of a block with flax crashes game
  • Armoring Table and Tailoring Table are unfinished
  • Slingshots are unfinished and do not work as intended (yet)



As it stands this mod is in early stages of development.
I plan on continuing this mod until it becomes what I have envisioned it to be.


Discord Link


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