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Combat Roll

Ever wanted to roll/dodge/dash in Minecraft? Here is your chance!

Modloader Discord Environment: Client Environment: Server

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⚠️ This mod does not work on Vanilla servers.

🧶️ Features

Adds Combat Roll ability

Press R to roll (by default). You can roll into any direction you are heading (forwards, backwards, sideways, etc...)

The combat roll ability has 4 seconds cooldown by default. (Server side configurable)

Cooldown of your combat roll ability can be seen on the main UI (aka HUD). (Client side configurable)

Exhaust (aka hunger) is added to the player upon rolling (Server side configurable)

Roll ability can only be used when player is: not using item, not jumping, not swimming.

New! Now with invulnerability frames! (Disabled by default, can be turned on at config/combatroll/server.json5)


These new entity attributes determine the properties of the combat roll ability.

combatroll:distance determines how far the player rolls (the default distance is 3 blocks, server configurable). For example:

/give @s leather_boots{AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:"combatroll:distance", Name:"testing", Amount:3.0, Operation:0,Slot:"feet",UUID:[I; 66453, 79497593, -201178, -16957605]}]} 1

combatroll:recharge determines how quickly the cooldown of the roll ability recovers. For example:

/give @s leather_leggings{AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:"combatroll:recharge", Name:"testing", Amount:0.5, Operation:1,Slot:"legs",UUID:[I; 66453, 79497593, -201177, -16957605]}]} 1

combatroll:count determines how many times a player can roll before having to wait for recharging (by default a player has 1 roll). For example:

/give @s leather_helmet{AttributeModifiers:[{AttributeName:"combatroll:count", Name:"testing", Amount:2, Operation:0,Slot:"head",UUID:[I; 66453, 79497594, -201177, -16957605]}]} 1


Improve various aspects of your combat roll ability with these enchantments.


Can be enchanted on helmets - Grants extra rolls (+1 roll / level)


Can be enchanted on chests and legs - Increases the recharge speed of the roll cooldown (by +10% / level)


Can be enchanted on boots - Increases the distance of your rolls (by 1 block / level).

🔧 Configuration


Client side settings can be accessed via the Mod Menu.


Client side settings can be accessed in Main Menu > Mods > Combat Roll > Config.


Server side configuration can be found in the config directory, after running the game with the mod installed.