Combat Plus adds in 5 new blocks and 4 new items:



  • Wireless Turret Charger: Provide power to the bottom of the block and any turrets within the chunk will also be powered
  • Creative Wireless Turret Charger: Doesn't require power, continuously provides power to any turrets within a chunk
  • Turret Hacking Station: Right-clicking this with a hacking card will allow you to start hacking any turrets within the chunk. Provided nothing goes wrong, you gain access to the turrets as an admin, and the previous owner will be removed from accessing the turret
  • Hack Interceptor: Placing this block down will alert the owner of the block if a Turret Block Hacker is within the chunk and hacking. Using a disable upgrade, the interceptor can block the hack. If the disable upgrade is installed, you can apply the explosive upgrade which explodes the Turret Hacker.
  • Redstone Heater: Melts redstone or redstone blocks and releases energy on the top of the block. Right-click to open gui, put in redstone


  • Disable upgrade: When placed on a Hack Interceptor, this  will stop any Hacking Station from completing the hack
  • Explosive upgrade: When placed on a Hack Interceptor, this will explode any Hacking Station that is attempting to hack turrets within a chunk
  • Hacking Card: Used to right-click a Hacking Station, starts process of Hacking
  • Creative Hacking Card (Team Hacking Card): When 2 teams are in the scoreboard, allows the player to set their entire team to be the owner of the turret. Right click on a Hacking Station to start.