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Three Colored End Crystals in a row

Colored End Crystals

Adds Colored End Crystals to the game.


  • Colored End Crystals
  • They can be placed anywhere
  • They do not explode
  • You can move them up/down by 0.5 block using Crystal Screwdriver
  • You can enable/disable the pedestal using Crystal Screwdriver

Available for...

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Available for Fabric Available for Forge Available for NeoForge

Available on...

1.20.5 - NeoForge, Fabric (Forge is not on 1.20.5, yet)

1.20.4 - Forge, NeoForge, Fabric

1.20.2 - Forge, NeoForge, Fabric

1.20.1 - Forge+NeoForge, Fabric

1.19.4 - Forge, Fabric

1.7.10 - Does not require Architectury; only Forge


Requires Architectury API

On Fabric...

Requires Fabric API


Colored End Crystals are craftable from vanilla End Crystals. Just place desired color dye next to End Crystal and you'll be able to created colored variant.

Pink End Crystal crafting

You can place them on any solid ground - it does not have to be obsidian or bedrock.

Did I mention that they do not explode when broken?

Item description of Light Blue End Crystal

Showing End Crystal's pedestal and changing the height of levitation

This can be done using the Crystal Screwdriver.

Crystal Screwdriver crafting

Crystal Screwdriver item description

Moar screenshots

All the colors!

Three crystals with variable y-level

Three crystals with pedestal