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Fairly simple mod that adds acceleration-based collision damage. Normally this exists in Minecraft, except it only works when the player is wearing an Elytra and they fly into a wall.

This mod reworks the calculations and applies it to the player, damaging them when there is a large sudden negative acceleration while hitting a block. This works best with mods such as Grappling Hook, Dodging, etc. but also works simply if the player has a high speed, such as from enchants and potions.

There is config options to change the threshold of how fast the player has to hit a wall before it begins doing damage, as well as a multiplier for the damage on top of that. There is also an optional toggle to make the collision damage instead be applied as fall damage, in which case things that affect/prevent fall damage such as Feather Falling should affect the collision damage as well. (Off by default)

Its been tested and patched a fair bit for bugs and other issues, but of course if you encounter any issues please post them to the issue tracker.


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