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Collector's Album [Fabric | Forge]


Collector's Album

900 new collectible cards in varying rarities which can enhance your character by filling your collector's album.

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How it works

First you need to craft your album and then start killing hostile mobs. Hostile mobs have chance to drop card package with random rarity. Opening the package will grant you 5 cards which can be used for album.

Album is divided into 5 categories:

  • Tools
  • Armor
  • Mobs
  • Nature
  • Items

Each card has custom parameters:

  • Card number -> Used to identify correct slot in album
  • Card category -> See category list above
  • Card rarity -> Rarity of card (Common=Worst, Mythical=Best)
  • Card value -> Value based on rarity


Once you reach certain threshold with your album card collection you will obtain passive effects such as resistance/regeneration/extra health and more.

These thresholds are unlocked by having certain amount of points or filling full categories.

This mod requires Configuration library

All things are configurable either via datapacks or ingame configuration. There's also addon support if you want to add your very own cards and album category.

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