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Adds a clone dimension of the overworld and nether, that can be swapped to at any time, with the click of an (expensive) item.




Entering the Clone Land:

The item vital in transportation between dimensions is the Dimensional Core. However, it is incapable of action without being harnessed with a container. You can create one yourself!

Here's how:


Using this core you can create the CloneLand Teleporter, one possible Core container.

The item is damaged 1/150 damage every use. The durability and damage value are changeable in the config.

Here's the recipe:

The second way to get between dimensions is via the Clone Portal Block. This block, when placed, creates a copy of itself in both dimensions (both are removed when broken, don't get cheaty!). You can right click it to swap dimensions. It has infinite uses and is a lot more expensive.

Here's how to make it:

You could create two houses in the same spot, with different contents.

While mining, you can swap and get double the ores

If you're in a corner being attacked by mobs, swapping will free you of their clutches.

You could create a puzzle map where switching is how you get through levels.


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