Climatic Biomes 2


However, as one last improvement, I've added a new feature, a custom chunk generator for those who like "realistic" terrain.  Now, this mod has two world types, Climatic Vanilla (climatic biome placed with vanilla terrain) and Climatic Realistic (climatic biome placement with modded terrain).  However, in doing so I've removed the ability to use other mods chunk generators, so if you use another chunk generator stay on 2.14.17 or earlier, newer versions will break those worlds (ugly cliffs). 

With the Climatic Realistic world type this works like a Cliffs (but not Caves) update for 1.12.2.

The goal original was not in adding biomes or creating interesting terrain, but in improving the way biomes are placed.  It completely replaces the vanilla noise maps and biome groups with a system based on a semi-realistic climate model -- realistic enough to feel believable while avoiding being boring or unbalanced in the number of biomes.  The goal is to make the world's fun and believable, not to be a slave to realism -- its a game mod, not a scientific model after all. It was not originally planned to add many biomes, just a few to fill in the gap, though it now has 29 biomes (including variations) or its own, most of which can be turned off if you don't want them.  It was intended as a "vanilla+" so all biomes are designed to fit a vanilla Minecraft style and merge seamlessly into the game.  Basically, this is a mod about worlds that make sense, where biome progress from hot to cold or dry to wet gradients on believable continents.

Version 2.x is a massive improvement over the version 1.x series (which, honestly, more a proof-of-concept than anything else).  Efficiency is vastly improved.  Now there are large, navigable rivers that cross the land.  It supports several other mods out-of-the-box: Biome O'Plenty (but not its option settings)Traverse, NovamTerram, Auxiliary Biomes, Environs++, Project Vibrant Journeys, and Biomes You'll Go, as well as special biomes from Thaumcraft, Vampirism, Ice and Fire, and various other mods.  Support for other mods can be added using the configs. 

Dynamic Trees support is available through this compatibility mod

 As of version 3.4.x you can also create your own biome variation with different terrain. 

 The world type ("level-type" in server.properties) for servers is climatic_bp  for Climatic Vanilla and climatic_real for Climatic Realistic.

 TECHNICAL:  This was based on some experimenting I was doing on procedurally generating RPG campaign maps.  On a technical level, it uses attractor points that radiate a certain influence fields such as hot, cold, wet, dry, or landiness, creating basins of influence that reach over a large scale while adding some fractal noise.  This allows for the climate to shift more gradually and less chaotically than with pure height maps / noise maps (as in vanilla) -- while avoid avoiding the excessive smoothness / neatness that would occur without the addition of noise.  The world is divided into 4096x4096 block continent zones that each gets their own climate map -- this is a 2x2 of level 5 map items, or about half the area of the Skyrim map.  Each area has a continent or group of large islands -- a universal ocean is guaranteed (great with ships mod).


Thanks to these Translators:

Kellixon: Russian
scikirbypole: Chinese


I've "retired" from modding, and will not be making any new mods or updates; please don't ask for them.