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The Class Options Mod

Class Options is a mod that adds Dungeons and Dragons-esque character classes to Minecraft. It requires Forge and Minecraft 1.16.5.


  1. Cleric
  2. Bard
  3. Necromancer
  4. Mage
  5. Artificer
  6. Barbarian
  7. Rogue

Each class has one Combat Ability, which can be used 4 times a day, and one Peaceful Ability, which can be used 5 times a day. The only exception is the Bard class, as the Bard is a mostly non-combat role; instead of a Combat Ability, the Bard has a higher-tier Peaceful Ability, which can be used 4 times a day.

To activate a Combat Ability, press V. To activate a Peaceful Ability, press B.

Setting Your Class

Setting your class requires a Study Table. This block is used like a Crafting Table and can be crafted out of two logs of any kind and two stone bricks. When right-clicked, it opens the Class Management GUI. The first time you use a Study Table, setting your class is free; changing it afterwards consumes 2 XP levels.

Other Components

This mod also includes the following:

  1. A new bipedal mob called a Thrall. This mob does not spawn naturally and can only be spawned through the use of certain Combat Abilities.

  2. A new food consumable called an Invigorating Brew. This can be crafted from one block of soul soil, one piece of glowstone dust, and one glass bottle, and gives the player one more use of each Ability when consumed.

  3. A block called a Nullificator. When a player walks on, right-clicks, or attempts to break this block, their remaining daily uses for both Abilities are instantly removed. This block can be crafted with four Clay Balls, four pieces of Glowstone Dust, and one Redstone Lamp. If a Thrall walks on a Nullificator, a feedback loop of magic and antimagic energy is created that causes the Thrall to despawn, immediately followed by a very powerful explosion centered around the Nullificator. This is called a Null-Annihilation.

  4. Various advancements for players to unlock as they complete Class Options-specific progression milestones.

  5. Two new game rules: maxCombatAbilityUses and maxPassiveAbilityUses. These game rules set the maximum amount of times Peaceful and Combat abilities can be used. The default for Combat is 4 and the default for Peaceful is 5.


This mod is still in development. Features are subject to change. No incompatibility issues with other mods are known at this time; however, they are still possible, so proceed with caution.

List of Abilities


Rogue: The Rogue becomes invisible to mobs and players for thirty seconds. They are able to see in the dark, jump higher, and fall slower for one minute.

Barbarian: The Barbarian becomes supernaturally resistant, strong, and fast for one minute. The item in the Barbarian's main hand is given Sharpness II for 15 seconds.

Mage: The Mage summons a magical explosion 6 blocks away from themself in their look direction. As a result of casting this spell, they are given Regeneration and glow for one minute.

Cleric: The Cleric glows for one minute, becoming divinely resistant to attack and regenerating health quickly for 30 seconds. The item in their main hand is given Smite III for fifteen seconds.

Necromancer: The Necromancer summons two Thralls equipped with stone swords, which follow them until death and attack players and hostile mobs alike. Their unnatural ability makes them a Bad Omen for five minutes.

Bard (note that this is technically a higher-tier Peaceful Ability): The Bard is given Hero of the Village and becomes unusually lucky for three minutes. They are also given Resistance II for one minute, and the player closest to the Bard (within a 6-block radius) is given full health.

Artificer: The item in the Artificer's main hand, as well as every piece of the Artificer's equipped armor, is instantly fully repaired.


Rogue: The Rogue is able to move faster and jump higher for one minute.

Barbarian: The Barbarian becomes unnaturally strong and is given Haste II for one minute.

Mage: The Mage uses their power to levitate for 30 seconds, and is also given Slow Falling for one minute.

Cleric: The Cleric becomes fully saturated, and their health is boosted past maximum for one minute.

Necromancer: if the closest player to the Necromancer (within a 10-block radius) has health less than or equal to one heart, they are revived to full health.

Bard: The Bard's health is boosted for three minutes, and the closest player (within a 4-block radius) has their health boosted for one minute.

Artificer: The itemstack in the Artificer's main hand is instantly converted into its an itemstack of its smelted version, with the exact same size. This does not give the Artificer any of the XP normally collected from smelting items.