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With this mod, players can claim chunks to create a safe area where other players can't break blocks, place blocks, blow up blocks, open chests, doors, etc.


They have the option of allowing a list of other players to use doors, chests, buttons, interact with entities, etc. (see Permissions below)


The list can also be a wild card (*) which will allow all other players to use doors, chests, buttons in that chunk.


They have the option of allowing a list of other players to modify blocks and use things. (see Permissions below)


The server operator (level 3 or 4) while in creative mode can bypass claims.


The server operator may configure the mod to allow players to claim between 0 to 250 chunks. The mod default is to allow players to claim 4 chunks.


The server operator can also decide a minimum distance in chunks from worldspawn before a player can claim a chunk. The default is 10 chunks (160 meters).


If the gamerule reducedDebugInfo is false then you can see the chunk borders using F3+G, otherwise the debug screen (F3) will show "Chunk-relative: x y z" and as long as x and z are consecutive as you move then you are in the same chunk.


Recipe: Players can craft a claim block out of a sign surrounded by 8 redstone dust like so:





You can enter a list of people (separate by comma or * for anyone) in Access to give permission to use things (buttons, doors, chests, interact with entities) in your claim. This permission list is by chunk so you could keep one chunk just for yourself while having a shared common area.

Modify will give other people permission to destroy blocks and attack non-hostiles in your claim as well as permission to use things.

Fake players can be listed for allowing devices to modify blocks in claims, but can't tell who owner is, so be careful. A few mod examples are

Create: Deployer, PloughConverter
Industrial foregoing: [IF]
Modular Routers[Modular Routers]


You can copy the settings on a claim block using Minecraft paper (click on block to copy, shift click looking up to clear it) and then use it to set other claim blocks.


Claims Command

Format: /claims <optional name> <remove | check>


Any level 3 or 4 operator in creative mode can use /claims to see the location of any player's claim chunk blocks or remove or check them

Any player can use /claims to see the location of their own claim chunk blocks.


Configuration File

it is found in the config folder and is called cc-common.toml. You can also use this command in the game /config showfile cc COMMON then enter chat so you can click the provided link to edit the config, but you might have to restart the game, depending on OS and editor used or unlucky, for the settings to take effect.

#Chunks from world spawn
#Range: -1 ~ 5000
ChunksFromSpawn = 10
#Maximum claims per player
#Range: 0 ~ 250
ClaimLimit = 4
#Add owner name to some messages
AddOwner = true
#Mob explosions can destroy blocks based on mob target
MobDestroy = true
#Blocks that bypass claims on right click
BypassBlocks = ["minecraft:ender_chest"]
#Entities that bypass claims on right click
BypassEntities = [""]
#Include dimensions
IncludeDims = ["*"]
#Exclude dimensions
ExcludeDims = [""]
#Explosions caused by any player can destroy blocks
PvpMode = false
#Report placing fluid from a bucket
ReportBucket = false


Working with other mods:

Quark: either turn off having pistons move tile entities or add "cc:claim_block" to movement blacklist or don't use piston on the claim block.

Waystones: you might want to add "waystones:*-warp_plate" to the bypass blocks in claim chunk config.

Lootr: you might want to add "lootr:*-trophy" to the bypass blocks in claim chunk config.

Corpse: you might want to add "corpse:corpse" to the bypass entities in claim chunk config.

GraveStone: change sneak_pickup to true in the serverconfig/gravestone-server.toml file.


Using LAN:

Note: If Cheats are on when opening LAN then all players are operator level 4. It is best to setup a local dedicated server if some form of cheats are wanted.


Possible future work:

- similar mod that isn't chunked based

- workaround Forge (1.17.1 to 1.19.1) bug with armor stands

- y limit

- map support


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