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Suggestion for Recommendation to users on curse description

#174 By  Archon_SD

Created Jul 5, 2022 Updated Jul 6, 2022


Strongly recommend putting a note on the FAQ to stop whole world map generation mods that might be running by default (e.g. BlueMap) as they thrashing the combination of this mod generating chunks and the map trying to render them destroys many servers..  (pushes the tick time well beyond the default 60s tolerance for Vanilla and Forge)  Other option for suggestion might be to increase tick time tolerance.

Jul 5, 2022

Chunk Pregenerator addresses this by moving the 60 second kill switch to a 600 second kill switch.

Jul 5, 2022

Mine (1.18.2 Forge) was shutting down at 120 sec, which was my Max Tick Timeout.  I am decently sure it didn't reach 10 min, I saw the 120s shut down mentioned in the server console log.  (this is SMP)


Is it possible something overrode the 10 min tolerance?



Jul 6, 2022

Its where vanilla sets the watchdog time limit.
Also chunkpregen has a config where you can disable the override it does.


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