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Suggestion for MC 1.12.2

#165 By  kasia1403

Created Mar 18, 2022 Updated Mar 18, 2022


Please add possibility to pregenerate whole world, not only 1000 chunks radius. I need it so very much !

Mar 18, 2022

Do you have like 15 PETA BYTE Storage and TERRABYTE of Ram?


Because that is what you are asking?


The ChunkLimit got increased from 1000 to 25k and massgen also exists which has 0 limits.

Mar 18, 2022

I'm only trying to fix something - the light glitches and issue which causes that player can't move and also mushrooms generated in mid-air instead on the surface. Only deleting Base Metals and Base Minerals or chunk pregeneration helps, but it helps only in pregenerated terrain.


How to send You my modpack to better understand my problem ?

Edited Mar 18, 2022

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