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1.12.2 World gen with no trees, ore, tall grass or anything of the like

#164 By  RottJavel

Created Mar 6, 2022 Updated Apr 8, 2022


So i am running a server with this mod and I'm having some issues with massive areas of terrain that won't generate properly. These areaas are completely empty, with only terrain like stone, grass and sand etc. There doesn't seem to be any structures, ore, trees or any vegetation at all. I'll add some screenshots below. First world i ran on the server had no issues as I didn't know how to use the mod then, second and third world has been having these issues. If you want a copy of the world i'm currently running i'd be happy to supply itempty

divide between  underground


Link to album in case images wont show up:


Mods I'm running alongside chunkPregenerator:

- Proximity Chat

- Ice and fire

- electrobobs wizardy

- tinkerers construct

- biomes o plenty

- botania

- harvestcraft

- tinkerers armory

- serene seasons

- placeable items

- chisel and bits

- chisel

- more player models

- just enough items

- mr crayfish furniture mod

- future mc

- additional structures

Mar 6, 2022

You generated in Block PostProcessing mode for whatever reasons. Which command did you use?

Mar 10, 2022

First weirdly generated world was generated using the command /pregen start, the second world was pregened using the UI and clicking the mass pregen thing, i dont remember the exact name. Both produced the same thing

Apr 8, 2022


having the same problem with Terrafirmacraft's world-gen, i used the "/pregen gen startradius circle ~ ~ b5000" command.

Apr 8, 2022

A patch is coming that should hopefully fix this issue.

Apr 8, 2022

A patch is coming that should hopefully fix this issue.

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