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1.12.2 Dw20 with added mods. Crash

#163 By  LightningRoc77

Created Feb 7, 2022 Updated Feb 7, 2022


Sorry  if this is a repost.  I wasnt sure.  I am generating and worldborld of 160,000 blocks in the overworld.  here are the commands I used:

/worldborder set 160000
/pregen utils setPriority pregenerator
/pregen utils setPlayerLimit 2
/pregen timepertick 50
/pregen gen startWorldBorder


geneeration was going along fine then about 5 to 60 mins in CRASH and now it will not stay running.  This IS a Dw20 SERVER hosted on Linux.  Here is the crash log its wierd i have used your plugin on hundreds of servers and never have had a problem till today.  I guess 1 outta about 200 hundred aint bad huh?



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