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1.12.2 and new mod versions bug (Huge regions left unmapped on pregeneration)

#158 By  gatoz96

Created Dec 13, 2021 Updated Dec 14, 2021


I commented about this but decided to put it here.


The new versions of Chunk-Pregenerator (2.5.1 and 2.5.0 for Minecraft1.12.2) cause to leave complete regions of the world ungenerated in squared/rectangular shapes BOTH in vanilla and modded. This only starts happening once you do at least one world gen. To replicate this 100% of the time start a normal world generation, cancel it, roll for another seed and start another one, it will start leaving regions unmapped.





Version 2.4.1 works completely fine on both vanilla and modded.

Dec 13, 2021

Just to summerize each step you did so we are on the same page:


- You Generate via Preview,

- You cancel the preview go back to the main menu (or save file selection)

- You go back into the preview and generate again.

- This bug appears then with the first 2-3 region files?


If that is the correct summary: I can tell you whats wrong.

Minecraft didn't release the save files properly yet. Basically my pregenerator tries to delete the files but java has them locked and made them undeleteable.

And when you reopen the preview and try to generate again it skips these chunks because it sees them already as generated...

Yeah I think i should address this in some form. This is a preview bug with files not being unloaded properly and forcefully loaded.

You can test this theory and just look when you close the preview if the "preview" folder still there afterwards that means a file couldn't be deleted.

If thats the case that would mean it can not delete the folder.


I will address this bug in the next patch, but basically the solution is: Stop minecraft restart it and then it will delete the preview..

Dec 14, 2021

I don't need to close the preview window. After letting a whole world generate (with or without post) or simply canceling it, (basically letting world pregen run at least 1 time), and then trying to generate others it will produce the problems. Closing the preview or not doesn't change this. This behavior resets when the game is closed and open again, like you give me to understand with the preview folder.


And no, letting those worlds with missing regions generate completely doesn't generate them by the end or when generating post.

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