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Filename Chunk Pregenerator-V1.16-3.2.1.jar
Uploaded by Speiger
Uploaded Nov 22, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
Size 435.26 KB
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MD5 92333c00def4d87c513cc2ff3ecc11c6
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


Small Patch addressing the most priority issues that came up. 



Version 3.2.1:

- Added: ChunkPregenerator now enforces by default a 10 Minute ServerWatchdog time instead of the default 1 Minute time from vanilla. This just fixes a lot of crashes through lag because of very heavy modpacks. This can be disabled though it is not suggested since this is only applied to reduce crashes not "disable deadlock detection"

- Added: Lithium Detection. When lithium is found  the Pregenerator disables certain features to make Lithium Compatible. This patch addresses my side of the Lithium Incompat. Lithium has now to patch their side to address the incompat. Right now it will be still crashing, but once they patch their side it wont crash anymore. (I could disable the crash on my side completely but then you would require 16GB of free ram on the start of the really large pregeneration. Maybe even more. It fixes a major memory leak in minecraft so i rather stay lithium incompatible if they dont address their bugs)