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ChromatiCraft is a large exploration-based magic mod centered around harnessing and focusing the power of the 16 colors of crystal energy present in the Minecraft world. Each color of energy is associated with certain traits, from light to protection to agility.
In ChromatiCraft, you can use this energy in two main ways.

One major use is to drive various devices which run on the energy. These have a wide variety of applications, and can be used to augment farms of various kinds, protect an area, enhance the power of other machines, and more.

The other major use of the energy is to imbue yourself with magic powers, which give you the ability to do things like substantially extend your reach, protect you from arrow fire, and help in the collection of items and experience.

ChromatiCraft is primarily based around exploration; you need to explore and try out the entry level of the mod before the higher levels become accessible. It is not designed to be used immediately in a new world; it is expected players will start by doing other things and will naturally acquire the required progress to meaningfully begin.
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