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Spread Christmas cheer in this mod full of holiday decor! This mod includes many features like gifting presents, decorating Christmas trees, baking holiday sweets, and much more!

This mod is designed to be played with others as it contains a gift system. The intent of this mod is to have it installed, and when December (or any other fitting time) arrives, simply run a command to enable daily gifts. 




World Gen

When this mod is installed, all biomes generated (excluding oceans by default) will freeze, creating snow and ice all through the lands! This feature can be completely disabled by config.



Minecraft's default ambient music has been removed in exchange for 11 Kevin Macleod Christmas songs (which are royalty-free)! This mod also includes Christmas-themed music discs such as "Minecraft Christmas - Area 11 feat Simon from the Yogscasts" & "Wish Backing - Kevin Macleod."



Gingerbread, Sugar Cookies, Peppermint Candy, Soda...and...even...Sprite Cranberry can all be crafted via an involved baking process. These baked goods offer a special effect that will be explained further later.



Garland, Reefs, Candy Cane Blocks, Christmas Lights, Ornaments, Stockings, Frosted Glass, and much more can all be crafted and help "holiday-ify" your Minecraft world. 


Give Gifts to Players

By crafting an Unwrapped Present, players can place any item they'd like to give as a gift. With that item, players specify the color of the present, date, and player they want to open the present. This allows players to set dates when the present can be opened. 


Santa Gifts

Every day, when a player logs in, they'll receive a Present from Santa with a random surprise inside! The possible gifts change based on the day it was given. The present's chances of giving you a great item can be increased via stacking the "Holiday Spirit" effect.


Naughty or Nice

What if you don't like spreading Christmas cheer? Well, there's a special place in the nether for you! ...Just kidding, there's content for you as well! By doing naughty deeds like killing baby animals, players, cats, dogs, etc., you will gain the "Naughty" effect. When the naughty effect reaches a stack of 5, Santa will write you on his Naughty List! When on the list, instead of receiving cool items from Santa's presents, you will instead be given Lumps of Coal (can be increased with more stacks of Naughty). If Jack Frosts appears, you can trade with him to gain Frostbourne Ingots, which can be crafted into overpowered armor and weapons! If you are on the Naughty List and want to be removed, eat a hard-to-craft Santa Cookie!


This Mod is Greatly Enhanced by its Resource Pack!

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Will you update your mod to x?

1.16.3- I will not update this mod to any previous versions, unfortunately. The reason being; if I did, I would have to keep up with feature updates and bug fixes on both versions, and I simply do not have the time to handle something like that. The source is out there, and I give anyone permission to update this mod as a branch. I will notice your git commit and most likely accept the branch as a new version.

1.16.4+ This mod will be kept updated to future versions when the season arrives around each year (if I'm still inspired to do so)





Modpack Policy

You can use this mod in any modpack, whether it's public or private. Just do not claim this mod as your own!