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LogoMod Information

Heyyy guys and welcome to my Choo-Choo Charles inspired mod for Minecraft, I noticed just how cool the game was and thought "Hey, what if we did that in Minecraft" and here I am... my goal for this mod is to capture the feel of having Charles in your world and thankfully with the first release he seems to do just that.

Over time I do plan on updating and adding to this mod so please, let me know what you'd like to see, also give my video a check out to see how I made the mod, plus I make some pretty cool content so check it out!!

My YouTube Video:


Add these 2 mods if you want the FULL experience!

Nyf's Spiders (Allows Charles to crawl and move WAY BETTER)

Pehkui (Allows YOU to resize Charles)



Q: Is this mod being worked on / still in development?

A: Yes it is, however. I do only plan on updating the mod whenever I make content on so updates will be spaced. 


Q: Will you release versions below 1.18.2 and will you make this for Fabric?

A: Sadly with how BlockBench makes models I will not be able to downgrade the mod version to anything before 1.18.2 BUT in good news this should make it so whenever a new update for Minecraft comes out, it'll be super easy and fast to update this mod to future versions... Oh also Fabric won't happen... sorry I just don't know enough about Fabric modding.


Q: Should I subscribe?

A: I mean I don't know why you are asking me... it should already be clicked haha