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Filename chococraft_1.12.1-
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Uploaded Sep 1, 2017
Game Version 1.12.2
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Version 0.9.1 - beta

  • fix chocobos not able to dive when having the dive ability

Version 0.9.0 - beta

  • Breeding chocobos with a lovely gysahl green will no longer directly spawn a baby chocobo. Instead, the mother chocobo will place an egg on the ground. To hatch this egg, it needs to be picked up and placed in a Chocobo Nest.
  • The color of a chocobo can now be changed using dyes. Supported are yellow, lime, blue, white, black, ping, red, purple. (The full MC color range will be added in a future update)
  • Added Stamina stat to chocobos that is displayed as a bar of lighting strikes when mounted. Stamina is used for special chocobo abilities and regenerates slowly. Standing still increases the regeneration rate slighly.
  • Added 4 chocobo abilities that are granted to a chocobo when breeding (really low chance) or by using rare dungeon loot fruits:
    • Spike Fruit: Teaches the Sprint ability. Allows the chocobo to run 200% faster than normal while holding the sprint key until stamina is exhausted.
    • Aeroshroom: Teaches the Glide ability. Allows the chocobo to slow glide to the ground. (Disabled while holding the sneak button)
    • Aqua Berry: Teaches the Dive ability. Allows the chocobo to dive underwater. Also grants water breathing.
    • Dead Pepper: Teaches the Fly ability. Allows the chocobo to fly. Requires a high amount of stamina.
  • The chococraft sourcecode is now licensed under the MIT license. Most of the assets are licensed under CC-BY-SA. See the appropriate license document or the readme on github for further information.
  • Added chocopedia, which can be used on a chocobo to view its stats. The stats on the screen are (left to right, top to bottom [sorry, tooltips will come later]):
    • Gender
    • Max Health
    • Speed
    • Max Stamina
    • Can Sprint
    • Can Glide
    • Can Dive
    • Can Fly
  • Added pickled gysahl green as another food source for players

Known Issues

  • Chocobos dont take fall damage
  • Statscaling might be inbalanced. No balance testing has been done yet.
  • Server consoles might spam "Chocobo moved wrongly" when moving quickly across sloped terrain

Version 0.2.1 - alpha

  • fix chocobos eating saddles when being rightclicked with one in hand. I dont want to force chocobos onto a certain diet, but i dont think leather is very nutritious and therefore should be avoided.

Version 0.2 - alpha

  • First release
  • Chocobos spawn randomly in the overworld (and maybe other dimensions)
  • Gysahl Green crop worldgen
  • Temporary breeding system: Use two lovely gysahl greens to breed two chocobos. The offspring will be of a random color. (This system will change in a future release!)
  • Chocobos can be tamed using gysahl green (15% chance per green used)
  • Tamed Chocobos can be ridden using the chocobo saddle
  • special saddles with inventories attached are implemented but not fully tested. You might lose your items! (Recipes are missing because of this)
  • Traits and Abilities are currently not implemented.