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855 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 7, 2016 Game Version: 1.7.10

Note: This mod is being DISCONTINUED due to loss of time on maintaining the mod. From here, someone can fork the mod, and if they would like, I will allow them to republish the mod. Thanks for being a part of this mod's journey


(New mod next next next month)


The OP is still below:


!!!WARNING!!! The mod cannot be run on servers. The server will crash. Just a heads up. Trying to fix. Help us by contributing to GitHub.


 Please, to all the people around the world, THIS IS THE OFFICIAL PLACE TO FIND THE MOD. Do not trust any site reposting this mod AT ALL. They most likely lead you to malware, ad-filled sites, misleading information and worst of all, viruses. Thanks in advance! (also, if you are about to, don't think about it :D)


Come visit the blogpost for updates on the project's state!


This mod is basically to give you overpowered stuff. I coded the mod in a way it can be exploited, because the ore of the mod is extremely hard to find. Cows are a replacement to this. I'll explain all of this in a sec. But for now, if you want to learn everything now, open the spolier. It's better to work it out your way. Use NEI for crafting recipe help. Although some things are broken, it's fun to try!


The Extraordinium Gem does not have an EMC value. Just so you know before downloading. Here are other things to note:

- The decor armor do nothing. They just serve as decor, and give you a small protection bonus. Try putting it in RPGs as Level 1 items :P

- The ore has a chance of 2 in each chunk. Where it spawns in a vein of 1 to 2. Good luck finding it!

- This mod, the mod description and the creator is humorous. Please bear with the jokes if you are extremely serious :P

- Textures are abstract. A good texture creator is being located. If you are one, PM me. (Compressed Coal sucks)


Anyone interested in making a mod review? Link it in the comments, and I'll put it up here in the description :D



Deep in the depths of the world, a new ore has been found. Hard to find, the Extraordinium Gem is what powers the whole modification together. Once the player has found at least ONE, a plantation may be started. Jeb has given you a blessing if you found one :P. Now, you have access to everything. All you have to do to get past all this, is imagine.


You found a gem? IMPOSSIB- i mean... great! I mean, I never found one of those. Ever. But I am sure that it spawns. Anyway, now you want to craft a seed. 4 to be exact. Go to your crafting table/station then place wheat seeds, the extraordinium gem and blaze powder horizontally, across the crafting table/station.

Yay! Now you have Extraordinium Seeds, to get the Extraordinium Plant. Plant them just like normal crops. On wet farmland.  With water. With a hoe. Just basic planting. The one on the left is the young one and the one on the right is the fully grown one. You break them to get more seeds and the Extraordinium STICK! (yea i know worthless). Keep repeating until you have 16 sticks. Now, go place the sticks in a 2x2 form to get an Extraordinium Shard.  Do it again 3 more times. Now, do the same with the shards. You will now get 1 Extraordinium Gem. This is how you replicate Extraordinium. Now, you can craft most items in the game!

Now, you can craft the 5 basic tools, using the Gem and the Extra-Sticks for the replacement of the stcks. You can also craft shears and armor. But the ExtraPick is no match for THE ULTRAPICKAXE!


This baby can mine at a very quick speed. First, create a pickaxe with Extraordinium Blocks as the head (9 gems filling the table) and the ExtraSticks as the 'handle'. You now have a deactivated UltraPick. You first need to charge it. Or it won't work. First, place the pick in the middle, and surround it with Iron Blocks. Do it again with Diamond Blocks. Then Emerald Blocks. And finally, Extraordinium Blocks. This will fully charge thy UltraPick. Now, you can play around. Do what you want. Probably make an Extraordinium House. Who knows? It's now all up to you.


BTW, another way to get Extraordinium Sticks is to burn an Extraordinium Cow.

 I suck at modding. So you can help me. The source code is up on GitHub. The ONLY thing to note is that you cannot release the mod as your own. You cannot change the name, author and contents to say that it's yours. Also, upload your changes to the "contributions!" branch. Send a pull request when you are done. Oh! And also, the source contains a package called "scrappedcode." You can help by fixing it and releasing it to the "scrap" branch. Thanks in advance!




To the other modders, here are the things I need to finish before releasing this as a version 1.0:

I was shy to release this. Now it's live. Happy coding! (or using :P)


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