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Filename chiselsandbits-11.9.jar
Uploaded by AlgorithmX2
Uploaded Aug 3, 2016
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 599.52 KB
Downloads 20,397
MD5 f4b70b1d1c0390e814920915ae0f7c5e
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions
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Java 8
Java 7


Fix Server Side Errors while loading TileEntities because of Missing Class.


11.8 change log:

Minor optimizations in various places

Added new VBO Renderer

Optimize case where Dynamic Renderer had no polygons for a specific layer.

Fixed MCMP Integration to enable chiseling again

Fixed a crash when using Undo/Redo with MCMP Blocks

Fixed Typo "Fluid Click Through" - This may result in your setting being reset

Flipped Filled / Empty Lables on Negative Pattern

Dynamic Renderer can now Revert to Static

Fixed Format Version Detection

Added Dynamic Renderer information to F3 ( Chunk : Single Instance - DList/VBO )

Updated zh_CN Localization - Thanks GWYOG

Added config to disable static renderer

Added config to default to dynamic renderer

Added config to change VBO / DisplayList Mode; Defaults to Automatic.

Rebuild VBO/DisplayLists when reloading resources.

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