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Filename chiselsandbits-11.4.jar
Uploaded by AlgorithmX2
Uploaded Jul 2, 2016
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 567.93 KB
Downloads 7,451
MD5 1c30dfc8001d24281fc43c9c8bed6ca5
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Java 7


Relaxed Material Limitations
Added Material Equivalancy API
Added IFluidHandler for BitTank ( most pipes still can't use it because of minimum exchange rate )
Upgraded Cross-World Serializer for future use with Sharing ( should be future proof post metadata removal )
Fixed case where server and client were not in agreement when placing chiseled blocks into multiparts.
Fixed a bug where chunk updates would re-render large numbers of Dyanmic renders.
Added new setting milliseconds per block, and milliseconds per frames to control upload rates.
Increased Milliseconds per frame to 15 from 1.
When a water block is formed from bits it now evaportes in the nether.
Added API to allow for special actions on block restoration.
Added Optional Filtering to delete button in BitBag.
Bit Bag no longer ignores the block your looking at when used.
Added 3 new modes to the positive pattern.
Positive Pattern - Replace Mode : Prevoiusly available, makes the target match the pattern exactly.
Positive Pattern - Additive Mode : Adds bits but dosn't remove them.
Positive Pattern - Placement Mode : allows placing the pattern like a normal chiseled bit block.
Positive Pattern - Impose Mode : Adds bits and replaces them where the pattern is solid.
Dyanmicly rendered chiseled blocks are no longer invisible when using Optifine.
Bit Face culling now mirrors MC's standard face culling.
Vanilla stained glass remains face culled as a special case.
Using Connected plane without enough bits no longer produces unsual stripes of bits.
Added new Item Tape Measure
Right Clicking and dragging with the tape measure allows you to measure things.
Sneak Clicking the Tape Measure clears and old measurements.
Tape Measure - Bit Mode : Measures bit level diffrences as a 3d box.
Tape Measure - Block Mode : Measure block level diffrences as a 3d box.
Tape Measure - Distance : Measures a single bit level distance between the start and end point.
Tape Measure - Color : You can select from any of the standard minecraft colors to display the measurements in.
Removing a Tape Measure form your inventory will hide any measurements.
Added new setting to control how many measurements you can have active at a time, defaults to 5
Added new setting to have the tape measure post the measurement result to chat.
Postive/Negative Patterns can now be undone.
Placing Chiseled Bit Blocks can now be undone.
Interation prevention for Chiesls when drawing regions should work properly again.

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