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Filename chiselsandbits-8.0.jar
Uploaded by AlgorithmX2
Uploaded Mar 6, 2016
Game Version 1.8.9
Size 482.58 KB
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MD5 c9cbe8010e19bc90ccc1e11e6ca7a6fd
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  1. License Mod as LGPLv3
  2. Forge Requirement updated to
  3. MCMP Optional Requirement updated to 1.0.8
  4. Combine Localization into main repo.
  5. Added Bit Saw.
  6. Bit saw can saw normal supported blocks, as well as symmetrical chiseled blocks.
  7. Added Clear Bag Contents Button in bitbag gui.
  8. Improved performance of canHarvestBlock test.
  9. Added Undo + Redo
  10. Add Undo/Redo buttons to radial menu for those without keybinds.
  11. Added Chisels & Bits Clipboard Tab
  12. Added New Block Bit Tank
  13. Added Pick Bit Keybind
  14. Snow is now Chiselable
  15. Leaves are now Chiselable
  16. Sand is now Chiselable
  17. Dirt is now Chiselable
  18. Grass is now Chiselable
  19. Optimized Several Rendering Tasks
  20. C&B now detects users with low memory and accommodates.
  21. Optimized bit filtering for layers and types.
  22. Re-wrote Bit Storage format.
  23. New Storage format comes in two flavors, compact, and cross-world.
  24. C&B now converts the legacy format to the new format when loading data.
  25. Added Fluid Bits.
  26. Fluid Bits allow you to swim, drown, fish, and float boats.
  27. Fluid bits are aquired by putting a bucket of fluid in a the bittank, and extract the bits by right clicking, or by using a hopper or other automation.
  28. Bit Bags now have IItemHandler capabilities.
  29. Chiseled Blocks now block light when they are entirely comprised of NormalCube Bits.
  30. Chiseled Blocks now propagate weak red stone when they are entirely composed of NormalCube Bits.
  31. Persist Creative Clipboard Tab between session, even between worlds.
  32. Add Setting to enable/disable the above feature.
  33. Right click bit tank to remove bits.
  34. Shift right click bit tank to insert bits.
  35. Shift with empty hand to insert all bits into a bit tank.
  36. Use bucket to extra bucket of fluid, or insert a bucket of fluid.
  37. Optimized Chiseled block Collision/Occlusion Logic.
  38. Added Option for Creative Clipboard size.
  39. Blocks picked are added to the clipboard.
  40. Blocks broken are added to the clipboard.
  41. Added Option for bit saw durability.
  42. Model Generation is now capable of rendering block types with layers, such as grass, and some chisel variants.
  43. C&B now attempts to compress model data as it is generated to conserve memory.
  44. Reduced Memory Overhead of many model and chiseled block related features.
  45. Optimized Model Face Generation.
  46. Optimized Model Parsing Logic and look-ups.
  47. Dynamic Renderer now uses Forge FastTESR to remove TESR performance overhead.
  48. Fixed Not Clearing Model Cache on Resource Reload.
  49. Optimize conversion of blocks and make conversion of air almost free.
  50. Optimize Chiseled Block Property Updates.
  51. Reduce Memory Overhead of Chiseled Block Properties.
  52. Optimized Face culling look-ups.
  53. Added command "c&b.exportmodel" which dumps the item in the players hand as JSON into the system clipboard.
  54. Added an API for Bit bags.
  55. New API Method VisitBits.
  56. API method commitChanges now accepts parameter to disable update notifications.
  57. API can now convert Supported blocks into Bits without world.
  58. API can now use getBitsAsItem to request CrossWorld NBT.
  59. New API Method createBrushFromState
  60. New API Method giveBitToPlayer
  61. Added API For Undo Grouping.
  62. Refactored huge sections of the code base, and probably even more optimizations.

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