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This is 'KantaiCollection' Fan Mod.

You will be able to create KantaiCollection's items, Japanese style decorations, dishes etc.
Please put the jar file in Minecraft's mods folder.
I think that they can be used in [client / server].
TerraBlender-forge is required when you use ChinjufuMod[1.18.2] and ChinjufuMod[1.20.2].

 Latest version
ChinjufuMod[1.12.2]6.4.1.jar (forge-1.12.2-

ChinjufuMod[1.15.2]6.4.1.jar (forge-1.15.2-31.2.57)

ChinjufuMod[1.16.5]6.4.1.jar (forge-1.16.5-36.2.34)

ChinjufuMod[1.18.2]6.4.1.jar (forge-1.18.2-40.2.0 and TerraBlender-forge-1.18.2-

ChinjufuMod[1.20.2]6.4.1.jar (forge-1.20.2-48.0.30 and TerraBlender-forge-1.20.2-



Known issues in 6.4.1 (November 16, 2023)

・The value of the particle is mistaken for the item block of OKONOMIYAKI.

・The value of the particle is mistaken for the item block of Pasta.

・The model is mistaken for the block of OKONOMIYAKI with noodles.

・(In 1.12.2) The hit detection for green onions is incorrect.

・(In 1.12.2) Seeds can be consumed extra times if used in certain ways.



About unsupported versions

I will not create 1.7.10, 1.19, 1.20.1, and 1.20.3.
I don't have the time to make them.

December 20, 2023. AYUTAKI Shou 


ChinjufuMod Channel
Introduce the items of ChinjufuMod on YouTube.


・Started to support version 1.20.2.
・Added Ramen, YAKISOBA and OKONOMIYAKI with noodles.
・Added a Green Onion to ChinjufuMod's crops and added a Green Onion to the UDON recipe.
・Changed the package structure and file names in the block model.
・Fixed bugs that caused crashes.
・Fixed mistakes in the recipe.
・Fixed mistakes in localization.
・Fixed mistakes in ItemProperties.


・Added Mayonnaise and OKONOMIYAKI Sauce (High viscosity Worcestershire sauce).
・Added Cheese Pizza, Squid Pizza and Chicken Pizza.
・Added Binoculars.
・Changed code to be less error-prone for state-changing blocks.
・(in 1.18.2) Fixed a bug in first person view.


・Added Large Curtains.
・Added some new Chests of drawers.
・Added Board Fences and Board Doors.
・Added some Spices.
・Changed the recipe for a dish that uses spices.
・Added some new Carrier-based aircraft.
・Changed the way the Carrier-based aircraft is used.
・Changed the model of Carrier-based aircraft.
・Changed the model of Naval Guns.
・Changed recipe for smaller ammo.
・Changed the code of the gates.
・Fixed other accumulated bugs.
・(in 1.12.2) Removed many items to use the item's metadata. → Check the wiki.

・Add Curtains and Long Curtains.
・Add some new blockstates to TATAMIs.
・Add new blockstate to ZABUTONs.
・Add First Aid Kit.
・I rewrote some textures.
・I rewrote the code in some blocks.
・I rewrote some items in the localization files.
・Changed to be able to get Craft Orders from abandoned_mineshaft.
・(in 1.12.2) Changed to be able to get Craft Orders or Admiral Stamp from abandoned_mineshaft.


Older log


About "Invalid id 4096"
java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid id 4096 - maximum id range exceeded.
This message means that the maximum number of items that can be registered in Minecraft has been exceeded.
There are two ideas I can think of.
・Reduce the amount of Mods used.
・Use JustEnoughIDs to increase the maximum number of items. 

[1.20.2]6.4.1 add Items
・Furnitures   ・School


・Crops   ・Cooking   ・Ferment   ・Kitchen


・Cherry,Acer,Ginkgo   ・Seasonal Furnitures   ・Paddy


・Armor   ・Weapon   ・Santa Claus   ・YUKATA


Japanese style Decoration
・Sliding door   ・RANMA, Lattice window   ・TATAMI   ・Bamboo block
・ZABUTON, ZAISU   ・ANDON   ・Stone lantern, Stone bowl


Japanese style Block
・KAWARA(Baking cray roof)   ・NAMAKO wall   ・SHIKKUI(Plaster)


・Wall Panel

About Localization
It translates into the following 11 languages. It also includes things that need adjustment.
・Japanse (ja_jp)
・English US (en_us)
・Deutsch (de_de)
・Español España (es_es)
・Français (fr_fr)
・Italiano (it_it)
・Português Portugal (pt_pt)
・Русский (ru_ru)
・Українська (uk_ua)
・简体中文 (zh_cn)
・繁體中文 (zh_tw)

・Recommended outside there is a possibility that not working properly because the environment,
introduction please judge in the self-responsibility.
・Personal play, use in multiplayer is free.
・Use in play movies, live broadcasts, use on blogs and SNS is free.
・Use of other than Minecraft is free.
・That you received this MOD as it is secondary distribution, please refrain.
・My copyright and moral rights are not abandoned.
・There is a possibility to stop delivering 'ChinjufuMod' by request from 'KantaiCollection'.


ChinjufuMod wiki
ttp://chinjufumod.wicurio.com/ https://seesaawiki.jp/chinjufumod_wiki/

ChinjufuMod Channel

Ayutaki Shou's Twitter(in Japanese)