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Chickens lay eggs. Sometimes drop feather. You can throw eggs. That's it. SO BOOORING! Minecraft is a magical place so why not to add a little bit of magic? Chicken laying gunpowder... bonemeal... snowballs... YEAH! And what if you try to crossbreed them? Iron? Gold? DIAMODS? Just try it!



- ¨breed chickens to increase theirs stats: growth, gain and strength to rapidly increase your production

- inspect chickens with chicken analzer (an egg + a compass) to identify their stats and to get additional information

- dye chickens, combine an ordinary egg with a dye and throw what you get to obtain a chicken laying dye: Lapis Lazuli Chicken, Cactus Green Chicken, Rose Red Chicken, Bone Meal Chicken... you can breed them for gray, pink, etc.

- tier 1 chickens that are naturally spawning in the world: Flint Chicken, Snowball Chicken, Gunpowder Chicken, Nether Quartz Chicken, Lava Chicken

- get higher tier chickens by crossbreeding them and have Diamond Chicken, Ghast Tear Chicken and many many more!

- henhouse: provide hay bales and it will collect chicken 'products' in 9x9 area (4 blocks on each its side) for you, it will also produce dirt over time as a side effect ;]

- smart chicken: give a vanilla chicken a book and it will become smart enough to use henhouse ;]

- progressive breeding and laying system

- lava and water eggs: get your renewable and stackable liquid source today!

- heavily customisable: change laying rates, items, disable chickens, modify breeding, set drops, ...

- mod chickens are less noisy


Best with:

More Chickens by GenDeathrow

Hatchery by GenDeathrow


Mod support:

- JEI: breeding and laying recipes

- WAILA: showing chicken tiers



- setycz - mod author

- wyvi - mod author, check her czech youtube channel

- jamuspsi - mod contributor


Feel free to use it in your modpack,


And let me know what do you think!