Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Feb 17, 2016

Owner: setycz

MC 1.12.2 -  6.0.4v : 

  • Small change to help with Ender IO integration to allow chickens in its spawners. 
  • Fixing server side crash when using Craft Tweaker to change spawn egg recipe. 


MC 1.12.2 -  6.0.3v : 

  • Added "The One Probe Support"
  • Fixed HWYLA 
  • Added Hardness to HenHouse
  • Colored eggs now show correct color when thrown
  • Fixed all items subitems to use correct method for creative tab checking

MC 1.12.2 -  6.0.2v : 

  • Fixed Server crash, forge/mc changed a method to be client side only. 
  • Third time is a charm........ I hope


MC 1.12.2 -  6.0.1v : 

  • Fixed broken egg textures
  • Fixed some items showing up on all creative tabs. 

MC 1.12.2 -  6.0.0v : 

  • Ported >> 1.12

 MC 1.11.2 -  5.0.1v : 

  • Fixed Hen Houses not collecting items, putting items in correctly or removing items
  • Switched Hen Houses inventory system over to new Capability
  • Fixed null item checks when chickens try to lay items
  • If a chicken is missing or disabled it now reverts the chicken or kills it. 
  • Fixed Hen houses not gaining the extra items for higher Gain chickens.
  • Added OreDiconary to colored eggs -  Vanilla & HarvestCraft ("egg", "listAllegg")


  • 1.11.2 Ported from 1.10.2
  • Refactored the code/packages
  • Updated API's for JEI and HWYLA
  • Configs were split up and switched to Jsons
  • Switched Chickens from int ID's over to StringID's(Resource locations)
  • Added some Chickens from "More Chickens" into "Chickens" (Pristine, Obsidian ,and soul sand chickens)
  • Dynamically supports custom biomes