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ARCHIVED/DISCONTINUED. I think I'm done modding.



Chat Sound

Adds sounds to Minecraft's chat. Plays sounds when you get a message. Plays a special sound when someone says your name.

Works on Forge and Fabric modding environments!



** Disclaimer: CurseForge.com and forgecdn.net are the current official locations to obtain this mod. Files obtained elsewhere were uploaded without permission from iPixeli. It is possible that files and mod packs obtained from other locations or means are not genuine and have been altered or tampered with. The only one with my permission to continue this mod (should I ever stop) is iChun (https://twitter.com/ohaiiChun) **



1) Install:


- or -

FabricMC loader and FabricAPI
2) Put a the .jar file into the mods folder (see below).
• Windows: /AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
• Mac: Home -> Library -> Application Support -> Minecraft
• Linux: ~/.minecraft
3) If you have a .zip file, extract file into the mods folder



• Can the sounds be changed?
Yes, you can change the sound effects by either editing the mod's configuration file or by using the in-game configuration screen to change the settings. You will need to know the correct path of the sound in order to use it. You can use both sounds included in Minecraft, sounds added by resource packs and mods. If you want to use a sound added by a mod, please contact that mod's author for the correct path.

• If I install this on the server, will everyone hear the sounds?
For all players to hear the sounds, they need to install the mod.

• Do you plan to add more to this mod?
Yes, at some point... Hit the follow button to be notified of updates.

• Can I use this mod in a video?
Yes. Please link back to this page: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/chatsound

• Can I put this mod in a ModPack?
Yes. Please see the README file included inside the download file.

• Can I host the mod file on my website / server / online so others can download it?
No. Please see the README file included inside the download file.

• Where did you get the idea for this mod?
Sometimes I'm not sure if slowness is network or client related. Made this mod to add an on-screen indication.


Future Features

• Word/phrase list

• Custom sounds for each list entry

• RegEx support


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