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Charset (1.10.x)



Charset is a "set of characters". In practice, this refers to a highly modular Minecraft mod, where each module provides an useful, simple implementation of a feature.


This CurseForge mirror of Charset provides releases for Minecraft 1.10.2.



  • Audio - an iteration over Computronics's server->client audio playback system.
  • Decoration - adds a Factorization-esque Poster.
  • Drama - adds the Drama in a Bottle, your pocket drama generator!
  • Gates - adds logic gates.
  • Pipes - adds a minimalist item transport system centered around Pipes and Shifters.
  • Storage - adds Barrels, as well as a way to lock inventories with Locks.
  • Tweaks - adds simple tweaks to enhance the gameplay experience.
  • Wires - adds Redstone Cables and Bundled Cables. Buggy - disabled by default.
  • Wrench - adds a simple wrench which can also rotate multiparts.