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Charmonium for Fabric

Charmonium is a client-only mod for Minecraft (Fabric and Quilt) that adds Ambient biome sound effects and Underground sound effects. Since it's a client-only mod, it can be used when connecting to vanilla Minecraft servers. It's also designed to place nicely with Vanilla+ mods.

  • Biome-specific environment sounds for both day and night to add extra depth to the otherwise uncomfortably silent world.
  • Cave sounds increase in intensity as you mine deeper, but fade as you light up the surrounding area.
  • Mineshafts have wooden creaking sounds.
  • Villages have some general activity sounds during the day.
  • Ambient sound volume can be controlled using the "Ambient Sounds" slider in Minecraft's options.

Discussions about Charmonium including issues/bugs via the discord server: https://discord.gg/3CVxPZUMDX

This mod is compatible with the excellent Atmosfera mod, but having both Charmonium and Atmosfera enabled at the same time can sound chaotic and might need some configuration to balance them. Other sound ambience mods have not yet been tested for compatibility.