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Filename Charm-1.12.2-1.0-alpha5.jar
Uploaded by svenhjol
Uploaded Apr 14, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 2.26 MB
Downloads 425
MD5 6bcf0966365ebadcf6fdb63cea358816
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


26d315b (HEAD -> master, origin/master) Possible to control debug switch from config
6881304 Increased chance of abandoned crates spawning in chunk. Slightly reduced chance of valuable crate.
784ca69 Update readme compatibility
a2b1831 Updated task
fed842b (recipes) Deobf task and curseforge maven, dunno if it actually works
de1c66e Dispensers fire charged emeralds properly now. Fix #3
1a268c5 Added invtweaks container support to barrels, crates and bookshelf chests. Fix #15
1b0bcdc Debug output toggle in config now
52751fe Changed log to debug for recipe registry check
a5e9abe More dynamic recipes
9aba668 Bookshelf chest recipe now dynamic and allows Quark's bookshelf types
1c12aae Dynamic soups, all flower types (Fix #20). Increased duration to 20
ae6929c Written dynamic recipe handler, adapted from AutoRegLib
c37899e Moved to dynamic recipes. Ignoring heap folder
87a3401 Changed the bookcases back to uncommon chance
9e0f41d Fixed incorrect sound categories for some items
d54ecbf Pumpkins can have random facing
9667e2d Added lootSize for setting how much loot a container should start with. Fix #14 Some fixes to the bookshelf chest
0ff7605 Some broken randomisation causing spam of same mob
7f581a3 increase spawn chance of Abandoned Crates
51ddb4d Update tasks
e1083fb Update tasks. WAILA/HYWLA name register fixed by earlier `getItem()` work. Fix #16
7d6293b Feature being re-enabled by accident. Fix #18
e64e7c6 Angle and range problems causing sound to fail. Fix #19
cf22f03 Tasks in progress
8498943 Addresses cake sound and pickblock, need to test waila
c45e017 Added basic shepherd loot table
81b6362 House3, House4 and Woodhut variation
c0f002b Added pumpkins village deco generator