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Charm is a mod for Minecraft inspired by the Quark mod in that it is designed to enhance the vanilla game experience without compromising its gameplay style. It does not need Quark in order to work, but adds some extra functionality if Quark is present.


This project contains the Forge versions of Charm.  If you would like the Fabric versions, please visit the Fabric project page.


Read about all features here.


Some 1.16 features:

  • Bookcases that can hold 18 stacks of books
  • Mineshaft corridors and rooms have more ore to find
  • Barrels and Crates in all wood textures
  • No upper limit on repairing your tools with XP
  • Kilns for fast smelting of clay and sand
  • Lumberjack and Beekeeper villagers
  • Super cute Coral Squids
  • Use your Totem Of Undying from anywhere in your inventory
  • Ender Pearl blocks that you teleport to when eating chorus fruit
  • Lots of new variant textures for mobs
  • No more accidentally hurting your own pets
  • Villages spawn in more biomes
  • Trade with a Wandering Villager for a map to more structures