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This is an unofficial fork of Charm by Svenhjol, made to be used in a modpack.

A vast majority of this mod, including the 1.20.1 port, was written by Svenhjol and others and simply not released, all credits go to the original authors. The original mod is licensed MIT, and this fork will stay the same. 

If/when the original author releases publicly Charm for versions of MC that this fork targets (or potentially if a stable version of Quark Fabric releases), this fork will likely no longer be updated. 

Please do not report any issues to the original developer, report them here.

Differences from Charm:

  • Currently targeting 1.20.1 Fabric
  • Fixed a few mod compatibility and mixin issues
  • (Planned): More modded item/block compatibility for certain features (totems, portals, etc.)

If the original authors release public versions for 1.20.1, these changes will be submitted as a PR