Charcoal Pit

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This mod is a recreation of Terrafirmacraft designed to work well with other mods. It adds a more immersive way to make charcoal, coke and pottery as well as an early game ore processing mechanic.


Fire Starter:

You will need to light some fires before you can get iron. The fire starter is a one use item that can do just that


Straw and Thatch:

By breaking tall grass with a hoe you can get Straw. It can be used for the kiln or as a building material by crafting into Thatch. Due to the way double tall grass is coded you only get Straw from it if you break the bottom block. Tip: the Quark mod makes hoes break blocks in a 3x3.


Bronze Reinforced Brick(1.12 only):

Bronze Reinforced Bricks are a tough, creeper proof material that can be crafted with Brick Blocks and Bronze Ingots. It can be used to make the Coke Oven and Bloomery creeper proof.


Charcoal Pits:

The Charcoal Pit is shape-less multiblock that allows Log Piles to be turned into charcoal. To make it just place your Log Piles into a contiguous shape and cover every exposed space with a solid* block.


To light it uncover a face of a Log Pile, light it on fire and quickly cover it back. If the Log Piles are exposed to air they will be destroyed. If it is working you will see smoke particles at the top. After 18 MC hours the smoke will stop and the Log piles will be replaced by an Ash-looking block. The conversion ratio is ~2:1 but fortune helps


Coke Ovens:

The Coke Oven works similar to the Charcoal Pit. The main differences are that instead of Log Piles it uses Coal Blocks and the blocks used as covering must be specific refractory blocks**. The Coke Oven will turn coal into coal coke at a ratio of ~9:6. Fortune helps. The processing time is also longer, at 36 MC hours.


Coal Coke:

Coal Coke is an upgraded version of coal made from the Coke Oven. It burns for twice as long.


Coke Cola(1.12 only):

Coke Cola is an upgraded version of the Potion of Speed. This fizzy drink is made by adding Coal Coke to a Potion of Speed in a brewing Stand. It gives a speed effect 1 level higher than its predecessor.


Creosote Funnel:

To improve the yield of the Charcoal Pit and Coke Oven, a Creosote Funnel can be used to drain Creosote Oil from beneath the structure. The funnel has a 9x9 "+" shaped range. A line of them works best. While a bucket can be used to collect the Creosote, a mod with pipes and tanks is recommended to make use of it.


Creosote Oil can be used as fuel, smelting 24 items.

Range of Creosote Funnel:


The Kiln:

The Kiln is used to fire clay into pottery such as bricks, terracotta and ceramic vessels. Unlike the Charcoal Pit or Coke Oven the Kiln is a horizontal 2D structure that also connects diagonally. All blocks but the top bust be covered by solid* blocks, similar to the Charcoal Pit. The Kiln will break if the bottom block is destroyed. The top must remain clear as fire must be able to burn on top.


To create it Shift Right Click a valid ingredient on the top of a solid block. Up to 8 items can be fired at a time. Then cover the clay with Straw and Logs. To light it just set the top of one on fire. After 8 MC hours the fire will go out revealing an Ash-looking block. Note that rain will put out the Kiln.



Ash is a secondary output from the Charcoal Pit, Coke Oven and Kiln. It can be used to make fertilizer, which acts as bone meal


Ceramic Vessel:

The Ceramic Vessel is an early game equivalent of a Shulker Box. It has 9 slots and will keep its inventory when broken. It can be died any of the 16 colors of hardened clay, however once dyed it cannot be dyed again. It will keep its contents trough the dyeing recipe.


The Ore Kiln:

The unfired Clay Vessel can also be used to smelt ores. It cannot smelt high level ores like Iron*** but can be used to make Bronze. To use it place it on the ground and fill its inventory with up to 8 ores and the necessary fuel. The tooltip will tell you the result of the ingredients used. If the result is invalid the clay vessel cannot be fired. Only ores require fuel as the Kiln contains enough fuel to smelt ingots. Using the Clay Vessel to smelt ores will break it so you will need to craft a new one for another batch.


The Bloomery(1.16 version):

To smelt higher tier ores like Iron and Nickel you will need the bloomery. Make a 1 or 2 block tall chimney out of valid bricks** with a tuyere block on the bottom layer and bellows pointing into it. Shift right click a valid ore to start it them right click the ingredients in. Once you light it pump the bellows to stoke the fire. You dont need to pump them the entire time. 2 bellows in tandem will fill the buffer faster. Once its done in about 4 MC hours(3.5 minutes) work the bloom with your pickaxe until it drops its contents. If you let it cool or didnt pump the bellows enough it will fail and you will have to start over.



The Bloomery(1.12 version):

To smelt higher level ores like Iron you will need the Bloomery. The create it start by crafting the Harch with 3 Bronze Blocks*** in a vertical position. Then build a chimney between 2 and 4 blocks tall and place the Hatch at the bottom. The Chimney must be built out of stone-like or brick-like blocks****. Up to 32 ores can be smelted at a time.


To use It drop the ores and fuel into the chimney, close the Hatch and light it by lighting a fire in front of the Hatch. You can Shift Right Click the Hatch with an empty hand to see the status tooltip. After 15 MC hours the Bloomery will complete leaving a Bloom at the bottom of the chimney. Unlike the Ore Kiln, the Bloomery will require fuel to smelt ingots.



MineTweaker Integration:

import mods.charcoalpit;


mods.charcoalpit.addKilnRecipe(in, out);

*ore dictionary not allowed

*stack size does not apply. its always a 1:1 conversion

mods.charcoalpit.addKilnRecipe(<minecraft:apple>, <minecraft:redstone>);



*removes all kiln recipes


mods.charcoalpit.addSmeltingFuel(in, value);

*adds fuels for the ore kiln/bloomery

mods.charcoalpit.addSmeltingFuel(<thaumcraft:alumentum>, 4);



*removes all smelting fuels


mods.charcoalpit.addAlloyRecipe(result, amount, advanced, usePrefix, recipe);

*advanced:boolean-if true only the bloomery can use this recipe

*usePrefic:boolean-if true the oredict values of the recipe will have the prefixes ore/ingot/dust applied. this allows ores, ingots and dust to be mixed as well as only using one recipe.

mods.charcoalpit.addAlloyRecipe(<minecraft:redstone>, 2, false, true, [<minecraft:apple>, <minecraft:apple>, <ore:Iron>]);


*Solid means a torch can be placed on the side facing the structure. Glass is not a solid block. Iron doors and trap doors will work despite not being solid, as long as they are touching the structure.


**(1.16)Refractory blocks are Brick, Sandy Brick, Nether Brick and End Stone Brick 


**(1.12)By default the refractory blocks are: Brick, (Red)Nether Brick, Obsidian, Bronze Reinforced Brick and Iron (Trap)Doors. Note that the Creosote Funnel also must be made of one of them.


***If Bronze is available Iron can be smelted in the Kiln and the Bloomery Hatch is crafted with Iron Blocks


****By default the Bloomery blocks are: all overworld stone except cobble and ores, Obsidian, Prismarine, Bricks, (Red)Nether Bricks, Quartz Blocks, End Stone(Bricks), Purpur and Bronze reinforced Brick






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